Appppparently that new Twilight Eclipse movie came out recently and all the 19 year old + girls in my school wont stop raving about it and showing their love for Jacob in their facebook status updates, etc…

As annoying as it is to see/listen to, I think the worst impact of the Twilight Saga is the fact that it’s turning all the, now maturing, females back into LG’s. I don’t think they realize how retarded it looks when a 20 year old girl is like “OMG Jake I heart you, OMG OMG OMG TWILIGHT!!!”…. what are you??… Fucking 12? First of all Jake doesn’t exist, it’s a fucking actor who probably doesn’t even give a shit about your ugly, 20 yr old-LG-wanna-be-facebook-attention-whore ass anyway because he is probably fucking someone way hotter. Secondly, these girls are lowering their overall appearance which directly leads to guys, who would of been interested in them, wanting to puke instead. The Twilight fans don’t seem to be bothered by this because they now don’t appreciate regular guys anymore. I assume it’s because regular guys are not vampires or werewolves. Clearly for a girl to like a guy these days he needs to be all pale, flat faced and blood craving or turn into a hairy, diseased, carnivorous beast which would gladly shred any girl it sees into a pulp.

I kind of wish some of these bitches actually attempted to date a werewolf… maybe after getting their face ripped off they would learn to shut the fuck about stupid, lame, corny movies which are only meant to make pre-pubescent girls wet their diapers.

Twilight books work very well as camp fire starters, bonfire starters, house fire starters or as targets for a .50 cal machine gun.