I have been feeling pretty brain-dead lately and just ridiculously unmotivated in general which is weird because I am usually not like this but now thinking about it I assume this diet I am on must have something to do with it because all I eat is salads all fucking day and sometimes when there is no food in close proximity I just don’t eat for like 23 hrs straight but don’t get me wrong… I am not in any way fat… I am 5 ft 6 and weigh 59.5 kg but I have these nasty lil fat rolls going on which probably decrease my chances of making some hot bitch run up to me on the beach and fuck me in the sand right there on the spot while a bunch of 8 yr old’s building sand castles with their mommies near by get some live sex-ed which is a good thing because they need to learn that shit eventually any way except at school they teach it really lame and usually the teachers are nasty 40-year-old virgins who teach you about cocks and pussies in a boring monotone voice while showing scientific cross-section pictures of human reproductive body parts which is fucking as un-stimulating as it can possibly get… I think sex-ed needs to be much more intense and more realistic by having all the ugly chicks separated from the hot slutty LG’s in the class then all the faggot-ass-dungeons-and-dragons-stoner-smelly-greasy-ass-fuck-backwards-loser guys get to fuck the ugly girls while the cool American Eagle-popped-collar-jocks get to fuck the hotties because life is simply too short  to sit in a boring class learning about how to put a condom onto a banana which is fucking hilarious but not as hilarious as the fact that this has basically been one entire run on sentence which is not that hilarious at all. Over all it seems that having a diet for no fucking reason does not only make me an anorexic wanna-be but young kids don’t get the proper sex-ed that they need.