It’s so annoying when your driving along on the highway, driving at a normal highway speed like 120km/hr, and you can see in the rear-view a pair of lights coming closer very quickly. The gaining vehicle suddenly swerves from behind you into the other lane, somehow managing not to flip over. As the car passes by you notice it’s the biggest piece of shit within miles of road. It’s usually either some shitty civic hatch, a delivery van, an F350 which is held together by duct tape or some champ in a minivan. Seriously… WTF is your problem. I think it’s an issue of compensating for having a shitty vehicle by driving faster then people with normal or sweet cars. “Ya my car sucks giant ass but look how big my fucking balls are while I pass your car at 140km/hr on this highway. My speedometer doesn’t even show 140km/hr but fuck it. I’m so fucking sick… my other car is a Porsche I swear.”
Sorry buddy… we all just think you are a crazy redneck who is so pissed off with life that you feel the need to show how many pistons you can blow in a quarter-mile. Get back in the slow lane where your dirty ass along with your piece of shit on wheels belong. Then go to your trailer park home and do some crack… or just drive even faster until your car explodes… it would make everyone more happy. What ever you do do not try and race everyone on the road because no one gives a shit.