I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow. I’m also going with my parents… and younger brother who is not old enough to get into any clubs… word. I don’t really care though and I’m sure no one else does. Clubbing fucking sucks anyway. This trip is going to be one of those family trips. We will be staying at my grandparents house for 2 weeks and I just hope they have a fucking hot ass neighbor who has a massive rack I can hide away in… if she speaks English that would be a plus too… but maybe not, depends how you look at it…… I was going to write some epic shit that would make you never visit this Blog again but instead I started listening to Metallica which is way more important than this shit. Before I shut the comp down, go have one more jack-off-sesh on western soil I’ll briefly summarize what I was going to say any way.

“I wish Zombies existed amongst us. I also wish it was legal to carry around some form of weapon so that if you encounter a Zombie you are free to beat the un-living shit out of his diseased-walking-piece-of-shit-drooling-oozing-corpse. The only downfall would be that walking home at 3 am, drunk, on a dark path while blasting your iPod might be hazardous to your life.”

…It’s a Tuesday night… what the fuck else would I be thinking about… jeez.

(Images: Stills  from Zombieland)