Ok… so this is really really lame so I’ll keep it short. I was shopping at The Bay at the local shopping mall and I decided to aimlessly wander over to the Ralph Lauren section because why not. I enter the section and automatically head for the brightly colored polo section. As usuall the annoying sales associate asks me if I need help finding anything, “Obviously not you retarded bitch… I JUST set foot in this section and judging by the look on my face right now I am bored out of my fucking mind because The Bay is a shitty waste of retail space that should be burned to the ground… I’ll let you know if I need help finding anything… FUCK!!” In reality I simply answered, “no it’s ok, I’m just browsing, thanks.” Usually the sales associates get the message of “just browsing”, which essentially means, “fuck off your annoying” but this girl didn’t seem to get it. I was surprised when her annoying voice began making sounds again. She started asking me about the weather… I turned around to actually face the source of the question and realized that this girl is actually really freakin’ hot!! The look on her face was priceless though. You know when a person of the opposite sex, (and is around your age), gives you that “stare” which spells out “HIOMGYOURHOT!!” It happens to everyone at some point… and we give that look to others ourselves at times. The convo went from weather to how I’m in design school to how her sister is an actress who acted in Twilight, (*PUKE*), to what kind of fabrics Ralph Lauren uses to how she might know my mom. This bitch was so lame… she was trying so hard to keep the convo going because I was becoming bored again and kept looking away hoping Ironman would come and save me or some shit. After about 10 min of looking at the same polo over and over again in order to make it look like I was doing something else instead of full on flirting with her I decided it’s time to run for my life. I said “it was nice to meet you my name is ______. See you.” She didn’t even give me her name… Uhhh wtf!?!?!? You started flirting with me, wasting 10 min of my life, and you don’t even leave me your name?? It’s not like I give a shit about you or anything but you are hot so there is nothing wrong with adding you on Facebook and meeting up and fucking then coming back home, deleting you from Facebook and never going to that store ever again. Seriously… some girls are so dumb. I seriously hope this girl stumbles upon this Blog and reads this post and then quits her job so I can go back and get some cool polo’s without getting tweaked out.