It has become somewhat trendy to have a more negative view on things for no reason at all really. That’s why phrases such as “FML” and “I just want to shoot myself in the fucking head” have become popular amongst teens and young adults. I don’t fully understand the psychology behind it but I just find it ironic how the people who say shit like this usually live a comfortable life at home while their parents pay for everything. These individuals also happen to be mainly girls… hmmmm girls were never great at appreciating things such as the gift of life let alone the pampered treatment they get at home. The bottom line is…. do I care about annoying negative comments? Not at all. I think negativity is funny as shit… pretty much everything that comes out of my mind is negative. I love when people are negative just for the sake of being negative.

It’s been a lame weekend and I’m tired as shit and I don’t even have a clue about what I’m talking about right now. I’m just awake enough to realize that, given the amount of blogs out there that are way more interesting then this one, the chances of anyone reading this is something like – 765,434,567%. Yea I did the math. I eat math for breakfast, lunch and dinner.