This whole Osama Bin Faggit thing is pretty ridiculous. Maybe the Navy Seal team killed him, maybe not… but the picture that has been released, which shows his face half-blown off, is fake-and-a-half. Here is what I mean…

As you can clearly see… whoever released the photo of a “dead Osama” just used an older photo from the internet which is the one I have showing on the right. Essentially what was done is someone used the tracing tool to cut out the head, on the original pic, then paste it on top of a pic which shows some other dead brown guy. US marines & other army personnel take pics of the dudes they fuck up all the time so there is plenty of shit on the internet to choose from. So any way… the traced head was placed directly over the head of the dead brown guy. Then both layers were sized and adjusted so the proportions stay the same and match one another. Using the feather eraser tool, on a low opacity, the top portion of Osamas head was erased in certain places to expose the bloody corpse underneath. The lower part, (nose, beard, cheeks and mouth), was kept intact and maybe darkened slightly to make it look like he’s been dead for a while. Using the feather brush, and possibly the smudge tool, helps blend both layers together to make it look more realistic and avoid any sharp edges or unwanted definition.

Easy, peasy. I’m not gonna lie though… whatever nerdy bitch constructed this he/she did a fairly slick Photoshop job. If you look closely at the beard area you can tell that it has been cut out of another photo because the quality doesn’t match that of the layer it’s been pasted onto. (The lower half of Osamas face is much more pixellated then the upper half.) Also the skin tones don’t match.

Either Osama isn’t dead, never existed or has been dead for years… non the less I smell bullshit. US is planning something for sure.

Nice try nerds.