Well well… it’s May 21st!! According to that fucking retard, Harold Camping, the Rapture is supposed to go down at around 6pm tonight, (Pacific Time). I wonder what Harold Camping is planning on doing on Sunday morning when it turns out that nothing unusual happened at all and the world just continues to be the same, monotonous piece of shit that it has been for the last several years. What about all those morons who spent their live savings, quit their jobs, dedicated their “last” couple days to the cause of this media stunt??? How pissed will they be! But seriously… you have to be pretty dumb to believe some radio host, who was already wrong in 1994, that the world is going to end and full on spend your life savings, or retirement money, on the spot. It’s almost as if these people want the world to end… I mean yea life kinda sucks sometimes but being massacred in some freak-earthquake is definitely not a better alternative… unless you’re a fucking psycho… which, in that case, you deserve to have 50 stories worth of falling glass from a skyscraper disintegrate your body.

On Sunday morning I would not be surprised if there was mass suicides. Some of these Judgement Day supporters clearly reallllly want to go to heaven… which basically means they want to, and are ready/stoked to die. When they realise that it was all a hoax and they are unfortunately still alive on earth they will probably kill themselves any way.

Being a Catholic myself I hate this kind of shit. I hate when people take religion and use it against their own kind. If you want to go to heaven so bad right now then just go fucking kill yourself and see where you end up.

See you all on Sunday morning.