Welcome to my blog… my name is… and I’m… years old and live in… and I just don’t give a… That’s pretty much all you need to know. I like random shit, guns, cars, money, girls, alcohol, clothes, guns, girls, Italian food, Italian girls, cats, violence, your mom, guns, your mom handling my guns, disliking stuff and things and stuff… you know… pretty much all the normal stuff guys like. I dislike school, blogging, Italian guys, girls, your mom, cops, eco-friendly-ness and ed hardy.

Why should you read my blog? You shouldn’t… but you should any way because life is a waste of time and spending countless hours reading this shit is the most efficient way to pursue a happy and fulfilling life. I don’t even know what this blog is going to be about… just as long as it’s not a shitty pointless pile of words floating around in cyberspace talking about how to cook turkey dinner in 5 easy steps or how to pimp your MySpace. Run on sentences are cool.

Why CLDPZZA??? Because I was eating a cold piece of pizza when I decided to create this blog and it’s a known fact that cold pizza fucking owns! I also had to spell it in that retarded, abbreviated way because apparently some other lucky sucker managed to snatch that as his user name before I did. I mean out of all the word combo’s and phrases in the world someone had to choose the same random stupid name I wanted.

So stay tuned for useless rants that you will probably love because there is nothing quite like a good dose of negativity.

What a waste of time, I could have been sleeping for the last 30 mins… well actually I was supposed to be at a club celebrating some chick’s birthday but she kinda makes me wanna puke while I stick needles into my cock and then jump into the oil-infested waters around the Gulf of Mexico. Besides that she is pretty cool.