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Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I posted any random and useless thoughts on this blog and I know you all miss it… right??? No?! Yea I don’t blame you. Summer has just sucked way to much to even motivate myself to express how much it sucked on this blog. First of all it wasnt even a fucking summer… it was cold as shit, rainy, gay, and I wanted to find mother nature and kick her in the box. It started getting warm just when all the kids had to go back to school… hahaha suckers! The real reason why summer sucked is because I STILL have not found a fucking job in the design industry… I worked as a landscaper instead. No offence to landscaping but I have a fucking degree… landscapers are usually fucking retards who failed highschool because they liked to wear baggy clothes and get high during class time. I worked my ass off in school just so I could avoid this situation… yet it found me anyway. Fuck you life! What was the point of trying hard? Last time I checked the reason you go to University is so you can fuck hot bitches, get smashed, educate yourself and have a guaranteed position waiting for you once your done… why else would I put all that effort and money into the piece of shit post secondary institution. The Dean is prolly laughing his fucking ass off! Snatching all my money and sending me out on my ass 5 years later with no nothing. I know complaining is no use but apparently sending my resume & portfolio to countless companies over the last 6 months wasnt any use either. Am I cursed or something? Has my life destiny been preprogrammed to be a garbage man after all? I’d rather puke on my balls and smash my face into the mirror untill… untill… I don’t even know any more. I’m rocking to heavy metal now because it takes away my anger… or makes me more angry… I donno. Maybe I should just go join the Forces and blow shit up with heavy weapons.


The politics in Canada are generally pretty shitty. I won’t get into too many details but you just need to trust me that they are pretty shitty… it’s an over-rated place where everything is expensive-and-a-half just because it can… etc. Any way… it was voting day today and it was a choice between, mainly, five shitty parties. It’s essentially all about chosing the lesser evil. The lesser evil in this years case was by-far the conservative party because it’s the only party that shows some form of balls. People of course were choked that Harper won majority because he will strengthen our shitty military, bring a more US-style prison system and toughen laws on criminals. See… this is why the whole world thinks Canada is a huge, lame, floppy pussy. There is way too many bitchy little girls in this “great nation” of ours who believe in shit like “second chances” for criminals, having a shitty military, eco-nazi-ism, building nice condos for hobos… so on and so forth. So what if Harper plans to drop 30 billion on some sick new F-35’s, new tanks, helicopters, beef up the coast guard, guns and other cool shit like that. Having a stacked military is fucking boss… next person saying Canada is a wimpy waste of North American territory will get lit-the-fuck-up.

All things a side…. knowing the way things work in Canada I’m sure Harper will find a way to not keep his promises and fuck shit up even more while wasting our tax money.

W/e… it could be worse??