Seriously! No one gives a fuck! As in no one gives a fuck about you… or me… or your mom… or even their own mom. While I get older I realize more and more that no one cares about other people. I mean I definitely don’t care about other people but I was hoping that I was just one of a few… but no… pretty much everyone is a huge fucking asshole these days. Don’t believe me? Just think of everyday shit… like walking down the street for instance… everyone is on their own mission, rocking out to their iPods, texting, looking at the ground… doing everything they can to avoid any contact with the people who are walking beside/around them. This state-of-mind escalates once trouble, sorrow, confusion, danger, explosions, guns, panic, etc… start happening. Going back to the “walking-down-the-street-scenario. Say everyone is waiting for the light to turn green so they can walk across the street and once it does turn green some older lady trips on the curb and falls. Will anyone help her? Most likely not… maybe that one person who is at the back of the pack and realizes how fucking retarded and douche-bag-ish he will look to everyone who is watching from afar if he doesn’t stop and help. In the meantime… everyone just pretends nothing happened, or they didn’t see, and just walks around the poor woman and continues on.

I once read this article in the news paper which said some dude got stabbed on the street, in broad daylight, and no one helped because no one wanted to be on involved. Obviously not! No one has time to help out some dude who is bleeding to death ‘cuz there is way more important shit to do like go to Starbucks and get fat off of Venti Frappachinos while updating your twitter account about how you just walked past some dude with an epic-dope-stab wound but was too much of a bitch-ass to stop and help.

You could probably break into someones car in a crowded parking lot, alarm blaring an’ shit, and no one would do anything. I’m not sure where this mentality came from… I guess we are all so focused on our own goals… or maybe the world is just too competitive right now that we subconsciously try to always be one step ahead at work, school and even when someone is lying on the side-walk in a pool of blood dying. “Hahaha your fucking dying bitch… I’m not… I’m a step ahead of you because I’m still fucking alive… I’m just gonna walk past you with my head up my ass and pretend that I didn’t even notice you lying there… even though I just splish-splashed through a puddle of your blood.”

Like I said… I don’t give a fuck either… if someone was spray painting a building as I walk-by I wouldn’t care because graffiti is the fucking jam but if I saw someone in legit trouble I’d help for sure… I think… unless it was someone I hate… then I’d just pee on them.