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Seriously… living in Shitcouver you get accustomed to seeing LG’s & cougars wearing yoga pants paired with a pair of Uggs that are usually warped out of shape & are muddy from all the fucking rain we get. Fine. Yea your a dumb bitch but just how dumb are you? Let’s break it down: Girls wear yoga pants because it’s an effortless way to make their asses look tasty… which is fair enough but it becomes pretty lame when every girl is doing it. Yoga pants make you look fuckable but they also make you look like a lazy bitch who has zero fashion sense & just wants a dick up the ass. I thought girls were supposed to be creative… wear a nice skirt or dress or some tasteful jeans. Those will do the trick just as well… unless walking around looking like a stupid fucktoy is your thing. It bothers me even more when women over the age of 35 wear lululemons. You’re not 16 anymore & you sure as hell don’t do yoga so wtf are you trying to pull?? Stop trying to be cool like your slut daughter thinks she is… go wear clothing that is appropriate for your age. If you are going to be a senseless LG in your lululemons while doing things/being in places where those pants are just not acceptable please don’t tuck them into your dirty, shape less Uggs. Guys hate that btw… the boner we get from seeing ur bulging ass withers quickly at the sight of Uggs.


I was looking at my Blog Stats yesterday to see how the traffic to this piece of shit site is doing. In the¬†section that shows the different keywords people have used to find this Blog I found the best keywords I have ever seen. Someone typed in “fucked up dead pictures” into some search engine and found my Blog instead. That’s¬†fucking wicked!! I guess there is some fucked up dead pictures somewhere on here… I hope this messed up creeper found what he was looking for. All I know is this made me laugh fucking hard… who the hell searches for shit like that any way??

If you look at some of the other search terms people have used it should make you laugh… there are some other good ones like “stupid shark“, “ugly shark“, “fucking babe“… etc.

Keep up the good work!

…….That’s all I need to say.