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Seriously… living in Shitcouver you get accustomed to seeing LG’s & cougars wearing yoga pants paired with a pair of Uggs that are usually warped out of shape & are muddy from all the fucking rain we get. Fine. Yea your a dumb bitch but just how dumb are you? Let’s break it down: Girls wear yoga pants because it’s an effortless way to make their asses look tasty… which is fair enough but it becomes pretty lame when every girl is doing it. Yoga pants make you look fuckable but they also make you look like a lazy bitch who has zero fashion sense & just wants a dick up the ass. I thought girls were supposed to be creative… wear a nice skirt or dress or some tasteful jeans. Those will do the trick just as well… unless walking around looking like a stupid fucktoy is your thing. It bothers me even more when women over the age of 35 wear lululemons. You’re not 16 anymore & you sure as hell don’t do yoga so wtf are you trying to pull?? Stop trying to be cool like your slut daughter thinks she is… go wear clothing that is appropriate for your age. If you are going to be a senseless LG in your lululemons while doing things/being in places where those pants are just not acceptable please don’t tuck them into your dirty, shape less Uggs. Guys hate that btw… the boner we get from seeing ur bulging ass withers quickly at the sight of Uggs.


I’m really really sick so I did not end up going to school today so, instead, I took meds and slept in which is definitively a better alternative then educating myself. But since the U.S. government created H1N1 the school health ministry has stated that, “if your sick do not think of coming to school because since you are basically a disease infested, God-forsaken, zombie child you will probably get everyone else sick and then the whole school will be full of zombies and shit will blow up and it will be the end of mankind.” – The Canadian Ministry of Health.

So, for the sake of mankind, I have decided to stay at home instead of being one day ahead in my design education. Any way… when I finally decided to drag my ass out of bed I grabbed today’s paper and read this dumb article about how Shark attack survivors are at the UN trying to stop over-killing of Sharks because the Sahrks are close to extinction. The reason for over-killing: Shark Fin Soup… WTF. How fucked up is this story?? Seriously!?!? People who have lost limbs, and almost died, because some ugly-ass mutant fish fucked their shit up, are focusing their life on one thing: Saving those ugly-ass mutant fish. Now the reason they want to save their water-dwelling arch enemies is because a bunch of people in China crave shark fin soup… which probably smells and tastes like fucking shit. It’s not even shark soup… the mother fuckers only use the fins. That’s why Shark fishing is really just called “Finning” because the fishermen catch the beast, cut it’s fins off then send it back into the water. Wow. If your gonna catch a Shark you might as well use all of it. In my opinion the best solution would be to do a trade. If you want to, for whatever reason, eat Shark Fin Soup then you need to do an exchange. The Shark get’s it’s fins cut off so you can eat some bunk-evil-cruelty-supporting-vile-vomit-tasting soup but in order to eat it you need to get your legs, arms or ears cut off so the mutilated Shark, which provided you with it’s fin, can eat your flesh. It’s only fair right?

This whole story is so messed up. It’s like having Holocaust survivors protesting against Nazi hunting because the amount of Nazi’s left in this world is close to extinction. And the reason for Nazi hunting would be so that the Nazi’s heads could be sold as kitchen table decorations for American families.

Go World!
I’m gonna go back to being sick… I wonder if a bowl of Shark Fin Soup will make me better… or just kill me on the spot???